House consideration of the spending bill carrying federal funds for the District has been postponed indefinitely, as the measure has gotten snared in a jurisdictional fight unrelated to D.C.

The legislation — formally known as the financial services and general government appropriations bill — had been slated for House floor action this week. It would cut federal funds for the District by 10 percent in fiscal 2012 and includes a ban on the city spending its own money to provide abortions for a low-income women, a provision that has angered local leaders and drawn criticism from the White House.

The measure was pulled from the House schedule without explanation, but Republican sources said the delay was related to a dispute over a portion of the bill that would ban implementation of the Affordable Care Act’s mandate that individuals must buy health insurance. That language drew an objection from the Ways and Means Committee, which handles tax policy and most health-care issues and considers the provision an intrusion on its turf.

For now, there is no resolution in sight, and GOP aides said the bill could remain stuck through the August recess and so would not come up until September at the earliest. Whenever it does hit the House floor, Republicans are expected to offer more amendments affecting social policies in D.C.