The District Department of Motor Vehicles announced Friday that the ticket amnesty program that waives penalties on outstanding tickets has already generated $976,341 in the first month.

That’s the revenue from some 17,950 tickets. Maryland drivers account for more than half of the paid tickets, or 8,746 and $475,360, according to a news release. District drivers were responsible for 5,009 tickets and Virginia drivers for 3,027.

Maryland drivers generally rack up most tickets in the District, at an average of 38 percent of those the city issues, according to the DMV.

The amnesty program, which ends Jan. 27, is expected to generate $6.3 million, Mayor Vincent C. Gray said when the program was first announced.

To be eligible for the break on penalties, the overdue parking, photo-enforcement and moving violation tickets have to have been incurred before Jan. 1, 2010.

“We encourage all citizens to take advantage of this program and satisfy their old debts to DMV,” Lucinda Babers, DMV director, said in a statement. “The fastest and most efficient way to pay amnesty tickets is online.”