Mayor Vincent C. Gray turns 69 next week and will celebrate later this month with a birthday blowout at B. Smith’s restaurant to raise money for his constituent services fund.

According to an invitation for the Nov. 15 event, Gray (D) will be feted by philanthropist Judith Terra, the new chairman of the D.C. Arts Commission; attorney Lloyd Jordan, former director of the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs and a consultant on Gray’s campaign and transition; Joshua Kern, co-founder and executive director of model charter school Thurgood Marshall Academy; Barbara Lang, president and chief executive of the D.C. Chamber of Commerce; and public relations executive Linda Mercado Greene, who is currently dating Gray.

All of the hosts worked or volunteered with the mayor’s campaign or transition, helping him develop policy for his administration.

Terra held Gray’s first fundraiser for his successful mayoral campaign last year.