David Grosso outraised incumbent Michael A. Brown by nearly 2 to 1 over the past three weeks, according to reports filed with the Office of Campaign Finance.

Grosso, an independent vying for one of two at-large seats on the ballot, collected $29,900 for his campaign between Oct. 11 and Oct. 29 after he appeared to unlock some four-figure donations that often go to incumbents.  Doggett's Parking contributed $1,000 to Grosso, as did the Associated Builders and Contractors Association of Metropolitan Washington and Borger property management company.

Already the best-funded candidate in the at-large race, Grosso spent heavily during the period, cleaning out his campaign account of all but $14,500.

But Grosso maintains a considerable cash advantage over Brown, who has struggled to raise money after he reported that more than $100,000 had been stolen from his campaign.

According to OCF, Brown raised $15,400 during the period but spent $24,400. Brown reported  $7,100 in the bank for the final week of his campaign.

Grosso’s fundraising edge has allowed him to purchase campaign materials, send out mailers and issue several multithousand-dollar checks to campaign staffers, according to his finance reports.

Brown has been forced to run a far more limited campaign, largely leaning on name recognition and his legislative record. His lackluster fundraising could also hinder his ability to put paid canvassers on the street for Election Day.

Incumbent Vincent B. Orange (D) is also relying on a low-budget campaign.

Orange, apparently confident he’s heavily favored as the Democratic nominee, raised $3,800 during the reporting period and spent just $350. Orange has $15,730 in the bank.

As for the other challengers in the race, Republican Mary Brooks Beatty reported she’s raised $4,250 since Oct. 11. Beatty has $4,400 in the bank.

Independent A.J. Cooper raised just under $5,000 but is left with only $1,400 in the bank, reports show. Independent Leon Swain Jr. raised $9,100, including a $2,000 in-kind donation from  himself. Swain reported $6,900 in the bank for the final week of the campaign.

This report has been updated.