A federal jury found in favor of the District in a 2008 whistleblower lawsuit filed by a former chief of staff in the city’s Department of Transportation after a seven-day trial in U.S. District Court, Attorney General Irvin B. Nathan said Thursday.

Stephen P. Amos had claimed he was fired by then-DDOT director Emeke Moneme because he reported improper contracts between Fort Myer Construction Co. and two other firms that served as subcontractors . Amos told city officials the deals among the three firms allowed Fort Myer to fraudulently qualify for federal funding through city projects.

The jury, however, did not find that Amos was dismissed for the disclosures.

Adam Augustine Carter, Amos’s attorney, called the jury’s decision “a sad day for whistleblowers.”

“I think the jury just got it wrong,” Carter said. Amos “came forward courageously and spent four years trying to vindicate himself. The jury just completely missed it.”