In a little less than a year, D.C. Council Chairman Kwame R. Brown has dramatically altered and down-sized his taste in vehicles.

The gas-guzzling luxury vehicle with rims is out. The lefty parking-friendly compact car is in.

As has been well-documented, Brown watched his approval ratings plummet following the uproar over his request late last year for a taxpayer-funded “fully loaded” Lincoln Navigator.

Brown returned the Navigator in February, and has promised he will repay the city for some of the costs associated with leasing it. In the meantime, Brown has been driving an old family mail truck to work.

But Brown has a new ride, one that will make him more attune with the city’s growing reputation for environmental consciousness. In recent days, Brown purchased a Toyota Prius that he now drives to work.

 “It’s a perfect car for me and my family in terms of space,” said Brown, who is married with two kids. “Of course, I can’t put my two nephews in there, but it’s great on gas mileage; with gas being $4 a gallon, we have an opportunity to save the environment.”

Brown add he still plans to sometimes use the mail truck

“That’s my baby,” he said.