Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) announced Wednesday that he will nominate Lisa Mallory, the current interim director of the Department of Employment Services, to be the permanent head of the agency.

Mallory, the agency’s deputy director of operations, took over temporarily after Rochelle Webb was ousted by Gray following allegations of nepotism and criticism of wasteful spending.

The hiring of Webb’s son by the Fire and Emergency Medical Services department has been explored in council hearings into the hiring practices of Gray’s administration.

The Webbs moved here from Arizona to work in the city. Rochelle Webb, who instituted several changes that were praised, has said she was fired after she told the administration she would testify honestly about her son’s hiring.

Judy Banks, former interim director of the Department of Human Resources, gave testimony that conflicted with that of the Webbs and Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe. Although Banks has said that Ellerbe requested to hire the junior Webb, Ellerbe has testified that it was the other way around. His testimony was backed by an e-mail trail and testimony from both Webbs.

Gray steered clear of the controversy when announcing Mallory’s appointment.