Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) said he was looking forward to honoring poet Maya Angelou at his news conference Wednesday. But Angelou was a no-show because he saw her at an event at the Lincoln Theater Tuesday evening and honored her there.

Gray (D) said he’d initially scheduled his regular Wednesday news conference for Tuesday to accommodate her. But she had travel issues and had to cancel.

Angelou’s appearance at the news conference would have been good optics for Gray whose successful campaign for mayor last year was buoyed by some voters’ anger about then-Mayor Adrian M. Fenty’s failure to meet with Angelou and civil rights icon Dorothy Height.

They sought a meeting with Fenty (D) to discuss the planned eviction of a nonprofit founded and headed by former District first lady Cora Masters Barry from the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center. Barry successfully fought the eviction in court.

At the time and on the campaign trail, Fenty explained that his missed meeting with Angelou and Height, who died last year, was due to a scheduling conflict.