Andi Pringle, the new deputy chief of staff to Mayor Vincent C. Gray, voted in the District’s primary last year though she had moved to Maryland.

The out-of-state ballot was revealed Thursday by community activist/journalist Dorothy Brizill at Brizill is known as a government watchdog and considered well-versed in election law. “Anyone who has been in the District for a long time is concerned about people voting from outside the city,” she said. “It came to have a name as voting from Ward 9.”

Brizill said she routinely checks the voter registration of new government hires and was “somewhat shocked” to learn of the situation since Pringle and new chief of staff Chris Murphy were announced this week as a fresh start for the Gray administration.

The mayor has been criticized since taking office for poor vetting of staff and other issues. Brizill questioned the vetting of Murphy and Pringle “if I can do this in 15 minutes.”

Pringle, who lives in Montgomery County, said in a statement: “In September 2010, I voted in the D.C. primary with the understanding that since I had not severed ties with my community nor established residency in Maryland, I should vote at the precinct where I had voted for the past eight years. If this was in error, I apologize.”

Pringle said Tuesday that she would be moving back to the District. A Howard University graduate, she previously lived in Ward 3. She said she moved 18 months ago.