Sulaimon Brown, the former mayoral candidate who alleges he was paid to disparage then-Mayor Adrian M. Fenty in the 2010 election, will have to return to D.C. Superior Court next month on charges of driving without a license.

Brown appeared in court Monday for a trial, but it was continued to March 7.

James W. Rudasill Jr., his attorney, said in an interview that prosecutors are still seeking a guilty plea to the no permit charge, which could carry a $50 fine.

But Brown said he does not want to plead guilty. “The government has no case,” he said.

The charge stems from a 1 a.m. traffic stop in September, when D.C. police in an unmarked vehicle pulled Brown over for a broken headlight in the 600 block of Florida Avenue NW.

Brown refused to roll down the windows or to get out of his car and demanded a marked vehicle. He called 911.

According to a police report, the Maryland license he provided had been suspended.

At the time, Brown was fined for the broken headlight and was also charged with failure to obey, a charge that was later dropped. Police also said there were concerns that Brown had a police placard and a baton.

Brown and his attorney argued that the no permit charge was unfair because his Maryland license was suspended July 4 for failure to pay a parking ticket in the District. Motor vehicle departments in Maryland and the District would have been closed, they said.

According to several sources, a grand jury is continuing to meet on Brown’s claims that he received cash and money orders as payment during the 2010 election to verbally attack Fenty on behalf of Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D).

Probes by the D.C. Council and a Congressional committee found that Gray did not have direct knowledge of any payments to Brown, though both investigations confirmed that Brown received money.