Earlier this week, we asked Washingtonians to offer this summer’s interns some wisdom on riding the Metro. We included a bunch of these suggestions in a story in Friday’s paper, but there were so many good tips that we also wanted to round up some of the ones we couldn’t fit into the story:

Another Metro tip: Don’t block the doors. (Jabin Botsford/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

Put your bag on the floor. Definitely don’t put it on its own seat, and don’t keep it on if you’re standing. (Submitted by Kristen in Potomac Falls and Beth in Washington.)

If a train arrives at the platform and it isn’t your train, get out of the way for the people who are getting on or off that train. (Submitted by Walt in Rockville.)

Don’t leave reading material behind. That includes newspapers, which you can easily toss before you leave the station. (Submitted by Kay.)

This was a recurring theme: Keep it down. This means don’t yell if you’re having a conversation (phone or in person) and don’t blare music from your headphones loud enough for everyone around you to hear. It appears some locals feel that interns are insufficiently aware that trains and buses are a shared and quiet space.

If you come upon a packed train during rush hour, just wait for the next train. Don’t try to force your way in, because the doors might not close, and the entire train might get off-loaded, and it will be all your fault. (Submitted by commenter jrquiroa37.)

When you’re coming from happy hour or a late night, go to the bathroom before you leave the bar. (Submitted by commenter Bergkamp.)

Finally, don’t automatically assume you have to ride Metro. Other options include Metrobus, Capital Bikeshare, Zipcar, the DC Circulator or just buying your own bicycle. This will help you avoid fare increases, station closures and delays. (Submitted by commenters softrefrain, brainpinky, catsndogs and Oregongrad09, among others.)