The service disruptions that are part of Metrorail’s weekend maintenance program will have the greatest impact on the Red Line, but many riders on the other lines also will experience changes in their normal travel patterns this weekend.

All of this begins at 10 p.m. Friday and continues through the train system’s closing at midnight Sunday.

Red Line: Free shuttle buses will replace trains between the Grosvenor and Friendship Heights stations. Medical Center and Bethesda will be closed.

Metro workers perform track work at the Bethesda Metro station in this undated photo. (Larry Levine )

Orange Line: Trains will share tracks around work zones between Foggy Bottom and Clarendon, and between Stadium-Armory and Cheverly. They will operate about every 24 minutes throughout the weekend, Metro said. Add about 20 minutes to normal travel times to get through the work zones.

Blue Line: Trains will share a track between Foggy Bottom and Arlington Cemetery. They are scheduled to operate about every 24 minutes, but add about 20 minutes to get through the work zone.

Green Line: Trains will share a track between Fort Totten and Prince George’s Plaza, and are scheduled to operate about every 16 minutes. Add about 10 minutes to get through the work zone.

Yellow Line: There’s no work scheduled for the Yellow Line, but because of the work zone on the Green Line, weekend Yellow Line trains will go only as far north as Mount Vernon Square. (On weekends, they normally terminate at Fort Totten.) Riders who want to go farther north should wait for a Green Line train on the Mount Vernon Square platform.

Train information

The electronic systems that many of us rely on for train information don’t work right on weekends. The Trip Planner on Metro’s Web site reflects normal schedules and is not adjusted to account for the weekend maintenance programs.

The little computer brain that feeds the next train information signs on the station platforms also is thrown off by the movements of trains that don’t conform to the usual schedules.