FORT WORTH, Texas — Airlines passenegrs may face dwindling choices this fall and winter.

American Airlines said Monday that it is dialing back the number of flights it will operate and plans to retire up to 11 Boeing 757 aircraft next year, citing uncertainty over the economy and high fuel costs.

The flight schedule change will reduce the airline’s mainline capacity in the fourth quarter by about 3 percent versus a year earlier, the company said.

Management said that advance bookings are generally in line with last year, but it wants to ensure it can run a reliable schedule.

The anticipation of pilot retirements in the fourth quarter also was a factor in the schedule change, the company said.

American has previously taken steps this year to cut its capacity as fuel prices moved higher and expectations for a pickup in the economy didn’t come to fruition.

In July, American ordered 460 fuel-efficient jets Airbus and Boeing. American anticipates receiving the new Airbus and Boeing jets in 2013.