Amtrak says a government shutdown won’t affect its operations along the busy Northeast Corridor or anywhere else in the country.

“Passengers planning to travel on Amtrak trains ... in the coming days and weeks can be assured that Amtrak will remain open for business,” the rail agency said in a statement.

Congress created Amtrak in 1970, and in additional to providing national rail service, the public-private hybrid also operates commuter lines in several states, including the Penn Line for the Maryland Area Regional Commuter (MARC) train service.

Other transportation agencies have said they don’t anticipate any immediate changes in service if a shutdown occurs.

Metro officials said

the transit authority would continue to operate on a normal schedule, but might make adjustments to the number of rail cars in service and reduce the number of eight-car trains serving rail lines. The shutdown could reduce Metro ridership 5 to 20 percent, officials estimated.

The Maryland Transit Administration says that its MARC trains and Commuter Bus service would operate as scheduled on Monday, and officials would assess the situation if the federal government makes an announcement this weekend. Officials would also review the need to reduce service if there is a prolonged shutdown, the MTA said.

Virginia Railway Express officials said they plan to run full service in the event of a shutdown.