Update: 12:40 p.m.

The reported Ride On bus “fire” was a false alarm, Montgomery County officials said on Thursday afternoon.

It was steam, not smoke, coming out of a bus on traveling in Takoma Park on Wednesday, said county spokeswoman Esther Bowring.

A tube inside the bus fell off, and as a result water leaked onto a hot part inside the bus. This caused steam to pour out.

The bus driver saw the steam and, out of caution, reacted as if there were a fire on the bus. The vehicle was towed and, upon inspection, there was no fire, Bowring said.

Original post:

Another Ride On bus has caught fire in Montgomery County, according to a report. If confirmed, this would be the eighth fire on a Ride On bus since 2009.

The fire was first reported on Wednesday night by CBS Washington, which said a Ride On bus caught fire that day in Takoma Park.

A county fire department official could only confirm that there was a bus fire on Wednesday and that it occurred in the 6800 block of New Hampshire Avenue in Takoma Park.

The official, Assistant Chief Scott Graham, said the department is not permitted to comment on bus fires. He referred all other questions to a county spokesperson.

We have a call and an e-mail in to a Montgomery County spokeswoman and will update when we have more information.

The most recent confirmed fire on a Ride On bus occurred on July 18 in downtown Silver Spring. Following that, the county pulled dozens of Ride On buses from the streets and accelerated plans to replace them.