Hailing one of Arlington County’s 765 taxicabs may soon cost more.

The Arlington County Board is considering whether to raise the basic taxi fare by 25 cents, and adding another 50 cents for each passenger older than 12 years of age. In return, cabs would be required to accept credit card payments by April 1.

If the proposal wins approval, this would be the first fare increase since summer 2008. The average Arlington cab trip is about five miles, which costs $13.05. That would rise to $13.38 under the proposal. There are about 9,000 taxi trips daily in the county.

Even with the increase, Arlington County taxis remain cheaper than almost everywhere else in the region except the District. Children between the ages of 6 and 11 would no longer be counted as extra passengers, and the $2-per-mile charge would remain the same.

The county board plans Saturday to set a public hearing in the matter.

The fare hike will cost the county an additional $12,000 per year to transport disabled residents by cab. The county expects to be able to handle the expense within its existing budget.