Metro is changing its Twitter handle.

Dan Stessel, Metro’s chief spokesman, said the transit agency will switch sometime in the next week from @metroopensdoors to @WMATA, the acronym for its official name, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

People who follow @metroopendoors won’t have to sign up to follow the new account.

 “Everyone who is following metroopensdoors will be automatically switched to following WMATA,” he said.

The other account will be “decommissioned,” Stessel said. “We’ll continue to follow mentions of it, but it won’t be an account we use.”

Stessel said the switch will allow Metro to devote more characters in its Twitter alerts to messages for riders rather than to its name. @metroopensdoors takes up a lot of real estate.

“Every character counts on Twitter,” he said. “Having a shorter handle is helpful for communicating.”

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