The Capital Beltway in the Alexandria area still needs to impose lane closings for paving in the LOCAL section of the inner loop, the Wilson Bridge project announced Monday. The lane closings are scheduled to continue through this weekend, but project managers hope to have the LOCAL lanes completely open by 5 a.m. July 16.

The goal had been to get this done by today, but the recent bad weather slowed progress, the project said in a statement.

Until the job is done, the inner loop’s LOCAL section will continue to be a single lane between the Telegraph Road interchange and the Cameron Run bridge. Both of the inner loop’s THRU lanes are open and in their final configuration.

Other work is scheduled for this week. Crews will be closing ramps to and from the inner loop’s LOCAL section at the Route 1 and Telegraph Road interchanges for paving.

All this can cause traffic delays. If you have a reasonable alternative, use it.

Meanwhile, work continues on the outer loop lanes between the Springfield interchange and the bridge.The outer loop’s LOCAL segment will remain a single lane through this month while paving is underway. The THRU lanes are completely open into Maryland.