7:50 A.M. Update:

Coupled trains 306 and 308 are en route to Quantico, running an hour behind train 308’s normal schedule. The trains will keep getting more and more delayed as they make the double stops for the long train. Meanwhile, train 310 is 20 minutes late.

7:40 A.M. Update:

Heavy delays continue to impact VRE trains this morning. Train 306 was experiencing mechanical problems north of Fredericksburg, so it has coupled with train 308 and is running 50 minutes behind train 308’s schedule. That should cause pretty serious crowding, so riders might want to wait for train 310 instead (which is following the combined train and running 10 minutes late).

7:05 A.M. Update:

The freight train has been moved and VRE trains are now moving to Alexandria. There are delays of between 10 and 25 minutes so far.

Original Post:

There are big VRE delays on the Fredericksburg Line due to a freight train that unexpectedly stopped on a switch between Alexandria and Franconia-Springfield. The train is blocking all tracks because it stopped on the switch.

The Metro Option has been opened at the Franconia-Springfield station, so just show your VRE ticket for entry. Of course, there are heavy Metro delays on the Blue Line, so this isn’t a perfect solution, but it’s something.