Just in time for the Cherry Blossom festival, Capital Bikeshare will add a 5-day pass option for $15. Existing options are a one-day pass for $5, a monthly subscription for $25, and the more popular yearly membership for $75.

It could be a popular program for tourists--and a less ridiculous way to get around than those Segways. A three-day rental from Dublinbikes, that city’s cycle-sharing program, costs about $2.80.

But it’s important to remember that all Bikeshare plans are predicated on using the bikes to get from one place to another, not sightseeing or meandering journeys around the Mall. You can take as many trips as you want, but after your bike has been checked out for more than 30 minutes straight, fees are incurred that can quickly add up.

“When a Weekly or Daily Rider signs up to the Service at the Station, Alta will place a security deposit hold on Weekly or Daily Rider’s credit card of $101; and, that amount could remain on Weekly or Daily Rider’s credit card for an amount of time to be determined by the User’s bank’s policies regarding holds. This hold will be placed on Weekly or Daily Rider’s credit card for each bike rented,” Bikeshare’s user agreement says.