The Greater Greater Washington blog has its final 17 entries in the blog’s contest to redesign the Metro map, something the transit authority itself is in the process of doing. Metro needs a new map to incorporate some of the upcoming changes, including the addition of the Dulles line in 2013 and the splitting of the Blue Line in 2012.

I volunteered to be on the blog’s jury to make picks, which should be fun, but you also can get in on this by perusing the 17 entries and selecting your favorites.

David Alpert, the founder of the blog, and Eric Fidler created a voting application so you can browse the entries, then drag them over to a ballot. Here’s a link to the browsing and voting page.

It will take a little while for the maps to load. You have till 11:59 p.m. Friday to submit your votes. (Vote once.) The blog will announce the winners next week.

The seven-member jury includes journalists who cover Metro, a former Metro board member and chairman of the Arlington county board and the author of a history of Metro. Also on the panel is Barbara Richardson, Metro’s assistant general manager for customer service, marketing and communications.

But this is not an official Metro contest. We’re not picking the actual Metro map. In fact, the transit authority has hired its original map maker, Lance Wyman, to do the revisions. Still, it’s fun for us to think on what the map should show and how it should show it. Consider who uses the map and how they use it.

Along the way, you’ll probably see what a tough job Wyman has in completing the map makeover. First of all, his baby has become an icon of the nation’s capital. Now, he has to bust it up to account for many changes while still making it understandable at a glance from the interior of a crowded rail car.