Free wireless Internet has come to Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport. The airport announced Tuesday that it has become the latest venue to provide free Wi-Fi, while also offering a paid Internet service.

The free Wi-Fi comes with some catches. It's being doled out in 45 minute sessions that begin with an advertisement. Travelers have to watch the ad before they can start using the wireless. You can use as many sessions as you want, but you do have to watch the ad every 45 minutes.

The airport is also offering a premium (i.e. not free) service where people can use Wi-Fi with no commercials and access greater bandwidth. This service costs $4.95 for an hour or $7.95 for 24 hours.

This news means that all three of the region’s airports now offer free Wi-Fi. Ronald Reagan Washington National and Dulles International airports, both of which are operated by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, added free Wi-Fi last year.