The current 5-day pass will be discontinued on Nov. 3. The program also will increase the cost of a 24-hour membership by two dollars to $7. The first 30 minutes of every ride will remain free for all members; but the rate paid by those with 24-hour and 3-day memberships will increase by 33 percent for each subsequent half-hour increment. For example, whereas a 50-minute ride in the past accrued usage fees of $1.50, the fee will now be $2. An 80-minute ride that previously incurred usage fees of $4.50 will now be $6. For those trips that last longer than 90 minutes, every additional 30 minutes will cost an additional $8 rather than $6.

The $75 fee for annual membership and the $25 monthly membership fee will not increase. The program, which grew to more than 18,000 members in just over a year, serves the District and Arlington, and is expanding into Alexandria and Rockville.

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