Bus riders in Arlington, Alexandria and Fairfax: Schedule and route changes are coming to Arlington Transit, Alexandria’s DASH and Fairfax Connector buses in the coming weeks.


The first set of changes are hitting DASH buses Sunday, Sept. 30:

AT1: Saturday service is extended to the King Street Metro station

AT 3/4: Weekend service is extended to S. Royal Street, while Sunday service to Hunting Point is discontinued

• AT4: Off-peak service on weekdays in the middle of the day, evenings and Saturday is discontinued.

• A6: Service between King Street and Eisenhower Metro stations is discontinued, as is service along East Campus Drive.

• AT 7: Weekday service through the Carlyle/PTO area has been rerouted, weekday service from Duke and Ripley has been extended to the Landmark Mall and Saturday service has been discontinued.

Look at all schedules and routes here.


Beginning on Monday, Oct. 1, three ART routes will be altered.

• ART 84: This route will see several changes. A second bus will be added so that ART 84 will run every 20 minutes. There will also be another eastbound trip leaving Monroe and Sixth streets at 9:11 a.m. And the path of ART 84 will also shift slightly, with several bus stops on eastbound 18th Street South, eastbound S. Walter Reed Drive and S. Kenmore Street being removed. Review the new route if you take this bus.

• ART 53: The schedule will be adjusted so that buses run every 40 minutes during the morning and evening rush hours and every 70 minutes during the middle of the day and the evening. Here’s the new schedule.

• ART 74: A new westbound trip leaving the Pentagon City Metro will be added at 7:35 p.m., while other minor time adjustments will also begin. Look at the complete schedule.


Schedule and routing changes impact four Fairfax Connector routes on Oct. 15.

• Route 231: Service to the Landsdowne and Island Creek neighborhoods along Morning View and View Lane will be eliminated after 6:45 a.m. Route 335 will serve the neighborhoods after 6:45 a.m. Read more here.

• Route 232: Service to the Landsdowne and Island Creek neighborhoods along Morning View and View Lane is eliminated before 6 p.m. Route 335 will serve the neighborhoods before 6 p.m. Read more here.

• Route 333: There will be some changes to the routing and schedule to service the Franconia-Springfield Metro, Saratoga Park and Ride and other spots. Read more here.

• Route 334: There will be some schedule and routing changes here as well. Read more here.