8:30 A.M. Update:

One of Clarksburg Road’s eastbound lanes remains blocked between I-270 and MD 355 and the on/off ramps also remain closed there.

I-395 North remains snarled around the 14th Street Bridge.

Eastbound I-66 is pretty backed up at the Teddy Roosevelt Bridge.

7:55 A.M. Update:

The debris on the road has been cleared from the outer loop of the Beltway at the Baltimore Avenue exit.

I-395 North is pretty jammed up at the 14th Street Bridge.

7:35 A.M. Update:

The delays on the inner loop of the Beltway at Gallows Road have worsened, so expect headaches if you’re heading in that direction.

7:15 A.M. Update:

There’s debris in the road on the outer loop of the Beltway at the Baltimore Avenue exit.

6:55 A.M. Update:

The inner loop of the Beltway is pretty backed up around Gallows Road already.

There are some delays around I-395 North at King Street and I-66 East at Chain Bridge Road. Neither spot has particularly brutal delays yet, but these areas usually wind up being pretty snarled so it’s worth noting.

6:30 A.M. Update:

The I-270 North off-ramp and shoulder have reopened at Clarksburg Road. One of Clarksburg Road’s eastbound lanes is still blocked, as are the on/off ramps.

Original Post:

We’ll be keeping tabs on any headaches, issues or problems we hear about on the roads this morning. Make sure to tell us about anything you see out there — either in the comments below or via Twitter (@DrGridlock).

So far:

There are still issues in Clarksburg near I-270 and Clarksburg Road, stemming from the broken gas main that shut down multiple lanes on Monday.

Clarksburg Road is still partially blocked between I-270 and N. Frederick Road/MD 355 in Clarksburg, with one of the two eastbound lanes on Clarksburg Road blocked as well as the right on-ramp and off-ramps. The I-270 North right off-ramp at the Clarksburg Road exit is still blocked and one of I-270 North’s shoulders is also closed.

There are detours at southbound Old Hundred Road/MD 109 and at northbound Father Hurley Boulevard.