Do you ever drive in the Washington area? Please stop, pack up as many of your possessions as you can fit into your car and head to South Dakota as soon as you can.

Sioux Falls, S.D., to be exact. It has been dubbed the safest city in the country for driving by Allstate. For the eighth consecutive year, the insurance giant collected crash data and ranked drivers in the 200 largest cities in the nation. (The findings, which are based on Allstate claims, use frequency of car collisions to rank cities.)

If you’ve ever driven in Washington, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that the District comes in dead last. The average driver in D.C. goes just 4.7 years between accidents and is 112 percent more likely to get into an accident when compared to the national average.

Even just leaving the District and staying in the region is dangerous, according to this report. Baltimore rates just ahead of D.C., with 5.3 years between crashes, not far ahead of Alexandria (6.2 years) and Arlington (6.5 years).

By comparison, the average driver in Sioux Falls, S.D., goes 13.8 years between crashes, which is the same as Boise, Idaho, and a hair better than Fort Collins, Colo. (13.6 years).

Sadly, the District’s roadways don’t seem to be getting any safer. Washington’s drivers were also named the worst last year and the year before that. Silver lining: Our roads might be dangerous, but at least we’re consistent.

The Illinois-based Allstate offers some safe driving tips:

• Allot plenty of time for your trip.

• Know what’s going on in the area. (Perhaps by visiting

• Be alert.

• Have directions ready before you leave.