With temperatures soaring into the 90s, D.C. officials are seeking volunteers to water the city’s street trees.

The Post’s Patricia Sullivan reported earlier this year the city doesn’t have enough money or workers to water the 140,000 street trees in the District. The District Department of Transportation relies on “canopy keepers” to help close the gap. The volunteers promise to water newly planted trees to help them get established.

People who adopt trees receive a free 10-gallon watering tub for use in soaking the trees every week.

“Summer heat and the urban environment create intense stress for street trees,” John Thomas, D.C.’s chief forester, said. “While DDOT crews are watering over 4,500 new trees we planted this year . . . we are calling on residents and businesses to do your part by providing trees near your home or office with the weekly water they need to become established in their initial years.”

Volunteers can call 202-671-5133 for more information about becoming a canopy keeper or obtain an agreement online and submit it via e-mail.