Drivers in D.C. will encounter more than 25 new locations for speed cameras this month, the police department has announced.

Until June 6, the registered owners of vehicles exceeding the posted speed limit will receive warning notices. Starting June 6, citations will go out and fines will be imposed.

The new camera locations are all over the District, and the speed limits in those areas range from 25 to 40 mph. But I think the location that might get particular attention from drivers is the Southwest Freeway (Interstate 395) around Exit 4, on both sides of the highway.

Drivers who speed get very upset when the District places cameras along highways where they think the speed limits are too low. Near Exit 4, which is in the vicinity of Maine Avenue SW east of the 14th Street Bridge, the speed limit is 40 mph.

Unlike Maryland’s speed camera law, the District’s doesn’t set a buffer speed between the legal limit and the speed for a citation. In Maryland, a vehicle has to be exceeding the speed limit by 12 mph or more. D.C. police do not say how their cameras are set.

They say the locations for the cameras were chosen based on the number of crashes and injuries, the number of calls for police service and the number of vehicles traveling at high speed. Police say they also consider recommendations from the District Department of Transportation, Advisory Neighborhood Commissions and civic groups.

Maggie Fazeli Fard reported on May 4 that Montgomery County also was expanding its speed camera locations.

A full list of D.C. camera locations — both the fixed cameras and the mobile sites — appears on the police department’s Web site.

These are the new D.C. locations and their speed limits:

Southwest Freeway at Exit 4 westbound, 40 mph; Southwest Freeway after Exit 4 eastbound, 40 mph; 400 block of 14th Street SW northbound, 35 mph; 200 block of 17th Street NE southbound, 25 mph; 800 block of Maine Avenue SW northwestbound, 25 mph; 1300 block of Fourth Street SW southbound, 25 mph;

Ninth Street Tunnel NW southbound, 35 mph; 3000 block of Foxhall Road NW southbound, 25 mph; 1800 block of Harvard Street NW northwestbound, 25 mph; 7600 block of Georgia Avenue NW southbound, 30 mph; 4800 block of Georgia Avenue NW southbound, 30 mph; 1700 block of North Portal Drive NW southwestbound, 25 mph; 2800 block of Bladensburg Road NE southwestbound, 30 mph; 3100 block of Bladensburg Road NE northeastbound, 30 mph; 2200 block of South Dakota Avenue NE southeastbound, 25 mph; South Dakota Avenue NE westbound before V Street, 25 mph;

700 block of Franklin Street NE westbound, 25 mph; 1400 block of New York Avenue NE northeastbound, 35 mph; 1500 block of West Virginia Avenue NE northeastbound, 25 mph; 2000 block of West Virginia Avenue NE southwestbound, 25 mph;

3100 block of Minnesota Avenue SE southwestbound, 25 mph; 3000 block of Minnesota Avenue SE northeastbound, 25 mph; 3700 block of Massachusetts Avenue SE southeastbound, 25 mph; 3900 block of Pennsylvania Avenue SE southeastbound, 30 mph; 4300 block of Texas Avenue SE southbound, 25 mph; 4800 block of Texas Avenue SE northbound, 25 mph; 5000 block of Sheriff Road NE westbound, 30 mph.