With intercity buses like DC2NY and BoltBus increasingly popular--and often pulling their hulking frames to the side of the road in pedestrian meccas like Chinatown--the District Department of Transportation is proposing modifying regulations governing them, as well as sightseeing buses.

Intercity buses that want to occupy curbside space would have to obtain a $50/year permit, listing all drop-off and pick-up points and the routes and hours it will travel. The placing of signs would also be regulated and signs on existing poles would cost $250 (Metro poles can’t be used without permission) and new signs would cost $500.

Review of permits would consider impact on views, pedestrians and cyclists.

Violations would incur $100 fines.

Buses that put around the city offering tours to sightseers, as well as commuter buses headed to Maryland and Virginia, would also see new regulations aimed at protecting public space and the streetscape.

Registrants would need to submit photos of each proposed loading zone, a schematic drawing and plan for how passengers will line up in an orderly fashion. (Long lines often occupy 5th Street between H and I streets NW with those waiting for the Chinatown bus, for one.) The language also requires a plan for trash collection.

The agency is accepting public comment on the proposals.