Delta Air Lines is shifting its operations from Concourse C to Concourse D at Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport beginning Tuesday.

Airport officials said ticketing and check-in for Delta will take place in the ticket lobby near Concourse D. All Delta flights will operate from D, and customers will use baggage carousel No. 14, they said.

The move is designed to accommodate several changes planned at the airport, including a new security checkpoint, a secure connection between Concourses B and C and the addition of new passenger waiting areas and concessions on Concourse C.

BWI announced the $100 million expansion last month. It is scheduled to be completed by summer 2013.

Delta will be located in the space formerly occupied by AirTran Airways, which relocated its operations to be near Southwest Airlines. AirTran and Southwest completed a merger earlier this year and hope to receive federal permission to fully integrate their operations by next year.