Metro riders heading to or from Dupont Circle have trekked to the station’s north entrance for months as contractors worked on the southern entrance. There is relief coming, commuters: The work should be completed and the southern entrance reopened this month, though the exact date hasn’t been set, according to Metro. 

The entrance at Connecticut Avenue and 19th Street NW has been closed since Feb. 1 so that Metro could replace the three old escalators that used to ferry travelers in and out of the station. This work forced riders to rely on the entrance at Connecticut Avenue and Q Street, but that creates problems when those escalators stop working.

Case in point: The entire station was shut down during Wednesday Tuesday morning’s commute when consistent rain poured too much water into the escalators. Riders weren’t allowed to enter the station, and trains didn’t stop there for about 30 minutes. 

Of course, even when the southern entrance reopens, it won’t be smooth sailing for commuters at Dupont. Metro also plans to rehabilitate the northern entrance, though at least that entrance should stay open.