A Metro rider asked this during today’s Dr. Gridlock online chat:

“This morning about 6:10, the Farragut North Metro station was filled with smoke (or fog or something). The station manager was taking pictures with his camera phone. There has been nothing on the WMATA Web site. Have you heard anything about this?”

No, but Metro spokesman Dan Stessel checked and reported that it was not smoke in the air at Farragut North, but dust. The dust was coming from the ceiling, which Metro crews worked on over the weekend.

The ceiling is involved in several projects: Metro is shoring up a water main and sewer line by building a column from the platform to the ceiling, and workers also are fixing the ceiling tiles damaged in a street construction mishap last fall.

This past weekend, trains again shared a track between Dupont Circle and Judiciary Square to create a safe work zone for the ceiling repairs.

Problems with the ceiling and efforts to fix it date to late 2009. The repairs now are scheduled to continue till late this year and possibly early next.