A flood-damaged ramp that connects the Fairfax County Parkway to Boudinot Drive near Fort Belvoir’s North Area is scheduled to reopen by Wednesday afternoon’s rush hour, the Virginia Department of Transportation said.

Until the ramp reopens, VDOT said, drivers will continue to reach Boudinot Drive from the parkway by travelling farther north to Barta Road, which becomes Rolling Road south. Then, they turn onto Fullerton Road east to get to Boudinot Drive.

Motorists traveling from Boudinot Drive to the northbound parkway will continue to use Fullerton Road west, to Rolling Road north, and then follow signs to the parkway.

The ramp was damaged last week when flood waters washed away earth and other materials that supported it. Crews will place new concrete under the affected portion of the ramp to reinforce it, VDOT said.

VDOT has been assessing the road and bridge damage in Northern Virginia from the heavy rains and flooding, which destroyed three bridges on secondary roads and damaged pavement on dozens of other roads.

The three bridges will be replaced with temporary structures, VDOT said.

Lorton Road, which carries about 6,000 vehicles a day over Giles Run, will be temporarily replaced within two months. The posted detour route will be a little more than eight miles long.

Beach Mill Road over Nichols Branch will be temporarily replaced within six weeks. The posted detour will be approximately six miles long.

Towlston Road will be temporarily replaced within six weeks. The posted detour will be approximately two and a half miles long.

VDOT said planning already was underway to permanently replace each of those bridges. Construction for the permanent bridges on Beach Mill Road and Towlston Road is scheduled to begin in 2012, and a Fairfax County project for relocating Lorton Road, which includes a new bridge over Giles Run, is scheduled to begin in 2013.