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3 P.M. Update:

The heaviest rain is pulling away from this region, according to the Capital Weather Gang.There could still be some additional showers, and we can expect the standing water and flooding to remain a problem for the next few hours — in other words, into the evening commute.

When you head home today, be very, very careful out there. If you see a flooded roadway, don’t try to force your car through it; turn around and find another way. Stick to main roads and drive with extra caution. If you’re taking a train, use extra care on the station platforms and stairs in case they are wet and slippery. Pedestrians, cyclists and drivers should all watch out for fallen tree branches and standing water.

In other words, be careful and use common sense as you head home. Head out knowing your commute will likely take a little longer due to the weather. And if you’re flying today, check with your airline before heading out.

2:20 P.M. Update:

Once again, the 14th Street Bridge is still open to traffic. It’s just in­cred­ibly congested and once you cross onto the D.C. side you cannot access I-395, which is worsening the delays.

1:40 P.M. Update:

I-395 North is heavily backed up approaching the 14th Street Bridge due to the delays on that span. Expect to hit congestion around Washington Boulevard. Again, try to avoid driving right now if you can help it.

1:20 P.M. Update:

The 14th Street Bridge remains open, albeit with traffic that is barely progressing into D.C. Eastbound 395 remains closed, so from the bridge you have to continue on to 14th Street, according to the District Department of Transportation. (An accident reported at 14th Street and Constitution Avenue won’t help matters.)

Westbound 395 towards the southbound 14th Street Bridge remains oopen.

1:10 P.M. Update:

The 9th Street Tunnel has closed at Constitution Avenue due to standing water.

Original Post:

The Washington region continues to get soaked by heavy rain, which is causing flooding at numerous points in the District.

Heavy flooding and standing water is reported on I-395 and the eastbound Southeast-Southwest Freeway in the District, according to the District Department of Transportation.

Eastbound I-395 is closed due to flooding at the 14th Street Bridge split, the agency reports. The ramps are closed at 7th and D streets SE to I-395 North, Maine Avenue to I-395 North and in the 600 block of 7th Street SW to I-395 North.

On the inbound 14th Street Bridge, the H.O.V. lane is closed due to standing water, which is adding to in­cred­ibly heavy backups on the bridge.

The southbound 9th Street Tunnel is closed at Independence Avenue SE due to flooding. The intersection of 9th Street and Constitution Avenue NW is also closed for the same reason.

There’s also a report of an accident at 13th and Eye streets NW, which could cause traffic problems there. And obviously the area around the National Cathedral will be congested as authorities continue to respond to the earlier crane collapse.

If at all possible, avoid driving in the near future because flooding and standing water will only become bigger problems as more rain drenches the region. Standing water and flooding will likely be an issue through the evening commute, but drivers should stay put while the rain is pelting the area. When you are on the road later, remember to turn around if you encounter a flooded spot and don’t try to force your car through standing water.