Passengers at Los Angeles International Airport. (JASON REDMOND/REUTERS)

6:25 p.m. Update:Delays have cleared for passengers bound to Atlanta. The three main airports in the New York region and Philadelphia International continue to be affected by the weather. Delays for some flights destined to JFK, are the worst. According to the FAA, those delays are averaging more than three hours.

5:25 p.m. Update: Conditions have improved for fliers to Reagan National Airport. The earlier delays have cleared as the storms have pushed out of the area. Delays still are affecting Philadelphia, NEwark and JFK airports, as well as Atlanta.

Original post: If you’re flying, weather may affect your travels Tuesday.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, traffic destined for Reagan National Airport, Newark, Philadelphia and John F. Kennedy airports are experiencing delays of more than 40 minutes. In the New York area those delays are more than two hours.

The Post’s Capital Weather Gang says the Washington region can expect showers to be heavy this afternoon, diminishing into the evening hours. The rest of the week should bring drier days.

Flights headed for Atlanta’s airport are also experiencing delays. However, the FAA said that problem is linked to equipment issues. Delays of more than an hour are possible if you’re heading to the major hub in the Peach State.

Airport officials urge travelers to check with their airlines for the latest information on the status of their flights. Here are some links to help with that.


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