How would you rate the District’s Department of Motor Vehicles? (This answer may depend on how recently you spent time at the DMV.) How about the Department of Public Works, which handles most of the parking tickets in Washington?

Now you can share your feelings about these and other agencies. The District launched last week, an online forum for residents to compliment or criticize the services delivered by governmental agencies.

The District is working with newBrandAnalytics, a D.C.-based company, to analyze and interpret this feedback.

The program is being piloted with five government agencies, some of which happen to play a major role in commuting and transportation: The DMV, the Department of Transportation and the Department of Public Works. The other two agencies are the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs and the Department of Parks and Recreation.

Residents are also encouraged to use social media to submit their opinions. Try to make your tweets as specific as possible; don’t forget, tweeting insults won’t do much. The first agency grades come out July 11.