The Post’s Nikita Stewart reports on the D.C. Wire blog that Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) has nominated Terry Bellamy as permanent director of the District Department of Transportation. Bellamy has been serving as interim director since Gabe Klein resigned the post.

Bellamy, who lives in Ward 6, has worked at DDOT since 2008. Klein has gone on to become head of Chicago’s transportation department under new mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Klein was an innovator as D.C. transportation director. He pushed to provide city residents with alternative means of transportation, encouraging programs for walking, cycling and transit.

There was some concern among supporters of such programs that the election of Gray and the departure of Klein would overturn some of those advances, but so far, I see no evidence of a sharp turn in D.C. transportation policy.

Many of the initiatives that Klein launched are in fact mainstream policy in U.S. urban centers. They linger here because they make sense for cities.