8:35 A.M. Update:

I-66 East is still snarled up for much of the stretch leading to the Beltway.

A disabled vehicle on the outer loop of the Beltway before Glenarden Parkway is blocking one of the shoulders.

An accident on southbound I-270 near Shady Grove Road is blocking one of the shoulders.

There’s an accident on 22nd and East Capitol streets in Northeast Washington, so expect delays there.

An accident on the 1700 block of Good Hope Road in Southeast could also slow traffic.

8:20 A.M. Update:

An accident on the inner loop of the Beltway before Colesville Road is blocking one of the shoulders.

There’s also an accident on South Dakota Avenue and Jefferson Street in Northwest Washington.

8 A.M. Update:

The suspicious package near Union Station was an unattended bag, according to the Capitol Police. All the roads are reopening and things returning to normal in the area. But if you’re driving in that vicinity, expect some residual delays.

7:45 A.M. Update:

There are major road closures around Union Station due to a suspicious package on the 600 block of 1st Street in Northeast Washington. Capitol Police are investigating the situation, which has closed the following major arteries around the station:

— Massachusetts Avenue between North Capitol and First streets

— Columbus Circle between Delaware and Massachusetts Avenue

— Louisiana Avenue between Columbus Circle and North Capitol Street

— First Street between G Street and Columbus Circle

This could also impact multiple DC Circulator routes, so adjust your commute accordingly.

7:20 A.M. Update:

I-95 North is still backed up approaching the Fairfax County Parkway as well as nearing Woodbridge.

I-66 East is a congested mess, with big delays from the Beltway and at multiple points to the west of that.

7 A.M. Update:

All lanes have now reopened on eastbound I-66 after U.S. 50/Lee Jackson Highway. Expect some delays approaching the area, but the lanes are open.

An accident on 7th and I (Eye) streets in Northwest Washington, reportedly involving a tractor trailer, could snarl traffic in that spot.

6:45 A.M. Update:

A vehicle fire on the inner loop of the Beltway before the New Hampshire Avenue exit briefly closed three lanes a few minutes ago. However, just one of the shoulders remains blocked.

There’s an accident on Arizona Avenue near Canal Road and Carolina Place in Northwest Washington.

6:32 A.M. Update:

Some lanes have reopened on eastbound I-66: Now the left lane, left center lane and left shoulder are still blocked. (The right lanes have reopened.)

6:20 A.M. Update:

On eastbound I-66, the left lane, left center lane, right center lane, right lane and left shoulder are all blocked, according to the Virginia Department of Transportation.

6:07 A.M. Update:

An accident on eastbound I-66 after U.S. 50/Lee Jackson Highway is blocking the left lane, right lane and both shoulders. Expect big delays around this spot.

Original Post:

Good morning, commuters! We’re in for another warm and humid day, with some possible showers heading our way later today, according to the Capital Weather Gang.

The biggest change to this week’s commute is happening on New York Avenue, where reconstruction of the bridge just east of the intersection with Florida Avenue began Monday. The road’s six lanes were cut down to four, with each direction losing one lane.

I checked out the area during Monday morning’s rush hour, and it didn’t appear to cause any delays or problems. But officials warned that traffic may have been light due to the holiday, so if you travel that way today and in the future you might run into some delays.

The District Department of Transportation says to expect delays of 15 to 30 minutes, but they also gave drivers some ways to avoid this spot: Commuters can try some alternate routes or apply to a program essentially paying people to stay away.

We’ll be rounding up any headaches, issues or problems we hear about on the roads this morning. Let us know anything you see out there — tell us in the comments below or via Twitter (@DrGridlock).

So far: I-95 North is seeing some delays. The roadway is already pretty backed up in Woodbridge and again approaching the Fairfax County Parkway.