3:50 P.M. Update:

The two right lanes remain blocked on I-95 South, while traffic can get by on the left. Expect heavy delays to remain.

3:17 P.M. Update:

Two lanes have reopened on southbound I-95 near the Powder Mill Road exit. One southbound lane remains closed, as does one of the shoulders and the right acceleration lane, and you still can’t access I-95 South from Sandy Spring Road or the Intercounty Connector.

Original Post:

A significant stretch of I-95 South is blocked in Prince George’s County after an accident involving a Prince George’s County police cruiser.

All southbound lanes are blocked near the exit for Powder Mill Road/MD 212. Two northbound lanes were closed earlier this afternoon, but they have reopened.

Traffic on the Intercounty Connector/MD 200, Sandy Spring Road/MD 198 and Powder Mill Road cannot access southbound I-95.

Expect major delays on southbound I-95, rubber-necking headaches on northbound I-95 and problems on the roads with blocked exits for southbound I-95.