Here’s a reader question I didn’t get a chance to address during Monday’s Dr. Gridlock online chat: “Where the ICC is supposed to connect with 95 looks so close to being done, any idea when it will actually open?”

The next sections of the Intercounty Connector, the parts that will link Georgia Avenue with Route 29 and Interstate 95, still are scheduled to open late this year or early in 2012.

Many commuters who travel I-95 where the connector’s interchange is under construction are ready to cut the ribbon. To them, it looks like they could head west from there today and reach the other end of the connector at Shady Grove.

But most of the Intercounty Connector’s work zone is away from the big new interchanges at I-95 and Route 29, impressive-looking as those are.

Project spokesman Ray Feldman said the roadway between Georgia Avenue and I-95, along with the signs, lights, toll collection equipment and other supporting electrical equipment, is not yet ready for traffic.

The first portion of the new toll road, the seven miles between Shady Grove and Georgia Avenue, opened in February. The next seven miles east to Route 29 are about 93 percent complete. And the next 3.8 miles over to I-95 are about 91 percent done. Both sectors are on schedule for the opening late this year or early next.