The defibrillator device at Metro’s Pentagon station that was used on a 51-year-old man who died after having a heart attack on a train Monday was “determined to have insufficient battery charge,” according to Metro officials.

Metro General Manager Richard Sarles ordered Thursday a review of the transit agency’s automated external defibrillator program after the device at Pentagon Station “did not perform as intended,” according to a news release from Metro.

Defibrillators are at 46 Metro stations now, and they will be reviewed within 24 hours to “ensure the devices are in good working order,” the statement said.

“While station managers have been trained to inspect defibrillators, procedures for conducting inspections and maintenance are being strengthened to include required signed daily inspection reports to prevent a recurrence.”

Metro has plans to put defibrillators at all station kiosks by April 20 and to replace older ones with “state-of-the-art” devices.

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