Ten months ago, a Metro train struck Victor Robinson after he fell onto the tracks. He lost his right foot in the accident and has spent months in the hospital, undergoing surgeries and hours and hours of therapy.

He reached a milestone last month when he came home to his parents Petworth home.

Robinson, 42, had an epileptic seizure while standing on the platform at the Friendship Heights station and fell onto the tracks, where he was struck by a train.

After all his surgeries and therapy, Robinson said he feels like he’s making progress.

“I’m improving,” he said. “I’ve got a lot of strength in my legs and I’m working on things and just trying to keep myself active.”

He plans to meet soon with his boss to figure out when he can return to his job as an advocacy outreach specialist at Quality Trust for Individuals With Disabilities.

Robinson said initially he thinks he will have to use MetroAccess, the transit agency’s shuttle service for people with disabilities. But he said he would eventually like to “go back to riding on the train again.”

“I am very independent and being able to come and go on the train gives me that,” he said. “I want to prove I can still do things on my own.”

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