2:30 P.M. Update:

Traffic looks like it has eased considerably on the streets between the Convention Center and Lafayette Square. The marchers are congregating in Lafayette Square, which means they are no longer blocking intersections or traveling on major roadways.

The one exception is H Street at Vermont Avenue, which is still jammed up, according to the Post’s Marissa Evans.

Many of the marchers could be heading back to the Convention Center this afternoon, which could lead to delays as they head east. Watch for potential issues between Lafayette Square and the Convention Center.

1:30 P.M. Update:

The marchers moving across downtown Washington are wreaking havoc on the early afternoon traffic, shutting down streets and creating gridlock between the Convention Center and Lafayette Square.

Large groups moving through the District led to 13th and 14th streets being closed near New York Avenue and shut down 15th Street between Pennsylvania Avenue and I (Eye) Street. Other routes that remained open still experienced delays as backups stretched out from the affected intersections.

The marches and street closures also resulted in multiple Metrobus routes being detoured.

Original Post:

The International AIDS Conference continues all week at the Washington Convention Center, drawing more than 20,000 people to that area. The event could lead to extra traffic in that neighborhood, while related events could create congestion in other areas as well.

A rally planned for 1 p.m. will begin with multiple groups marching toward Lafayette Square at noon. The starting points are all near the Convention Center, with groups marching along K Street and New York Avenue.

Here’s a map of the starting points and the final meeting point. Expect to encounter rolling street closures and delays between noon and 1 p.m. in the area between the Convention Center and Lafayette Square.

The groups are marching in favor of human rights and for full access to reproductive health services worldwide, among other causes. Head to WeCanEndAIDS.org to read more.