With the rest of the Intercounty Connector about to open, Maryland highway officials are moving ahead with the planned closing of the temporary interchange on Norbeck Road (Route 28).

While only the first segment of the connector highway was open between Shady Grove and Olney, it made sense to ease the pressure on the Georgia Avenue interchange by providing a nearby alternative for entering and exiting traffic.

That need should disappear after Nov. 22, when the rest of the connector opens to Route 29 and Interstate 95.

The Maryland State Highway Administration announced today that it plans to close the connector’s access to Norbeck Road at 5 a.m. Friday.

The closing of the temporary interchange will be completed by blocking off the ramp from the eastbound connector and removing the traffic signal where the ramp met Norbeck Road.

Then the state will build a permanent sidewalk and a new bike path along Norbeck Road and over the new Norbeck Road bridge, which passes over the connector.

Preparation for the shutdown will begin Thursday night. From 7 p.m. Thursday till 5 a.m. Friday, flaggers will guide traffic on Norbeck Road between Baileys Lane and Wintergate Drive. This is likely to cause travel delays on Norbeck, but the schedule is set for off-peak hours leading into the Veterans Day holiday.

If the schedule holds, on Friday morning, the permanent lane configuration will be in place. Eastbound and westbound Norbeck Road will be back to the original single lanes in each direction between Baileys Lane and Wintergate Drive.

Since the rest of the connector won’t open till Nov. 22, all traffic on the connector will exit at Georgia Avenue. Traffic going west on Norbeck and heading for the connector will turn north on Georgia Avenue and move left to make the turn onto the westbound toll road.