Two men from the District and Maryland have been charged after one of them allegedly punched an Amtrak conductor during a stop in western Pennsylvania.

Connellsville police say 22-year-old Chadd Mason, of White Plains, Md. and. 27-year-old Valentino Richardson, of Washington, D.C. were arrested when the train stopped Monday night about 35 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

Online court records do not list attorneys for either man, and The Associated Press could not immediately locate listed telephones for them Wednesday, a day after they posted bond to get out of the Fayette County Prison.

The conductor told police that both men were drinking on the train and became unruly. The conductor says Mason punched him when he tried to subdue the passenger.

Mason is charged with simple assault, delaying the train and public drunkenness, among other crimes. Richardson faces similar charges, except for assault.