The Justice Department has settled a case under the Americans With Disabilities Act with two intercity bus companies, Megabus USA and Megabus Northeast, forcing them to pay more than $70,000 in damages.

The two companies are based in Chicago and Elizabeth, N.J., respectively.

Justice officials had been investigating the companies, looking at how accessible their transportation is for individuals with disabilities, as part of their “ongoing review of the private transportation industry.”

Under the agreement, Megabus has to make sure all of its vehicles are fully accessible to those with disabilities who may use wheelchairs or other mobility aids. It also will offer online reservation services for passengers with disabilities “in the same manner and using the same reservation system as other passengers.”

Megabus will have to pay a $55,000 civil penalty to the United States and $12,500 in damages to a complainant who was not permitted to use the ramp on a passenger bus and was forced to transfer out of his wheelchair rather than be secured in it as he was trying to travel from New York to Baltimore.