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8:40 A.M. Update:

Getaway Watch: The southbound I-95 lane and shoulder have reopened in Woodbridge, which is good news for anyone heading out of town right now.

Debris in the road is still blocking two eastbound lanes on Annapolis Road/MD 450 at 57th Avenue in Bladensburg. (Just west of the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.)

8:35 A.M. Update:

An accident at 18th and C streets in Northwest Washington, reportedly a T-bone collision in the intersection, could cause serious traffic issues there, according to the D.C. Fire Department. Try to avoid that vicinity.

8:20 A.M. Update:

Getaway Watch: I-95 South actually still looks like a smooth ride as you head south of the Springfield Interchange. There’s a little bit of congestion around Woodbridge, where the left lane is blocked by an accident, but it seems fleeting and clears up shortly thereafter.

Traffic still looks light on northbound I-95 leaving the Beltway area.

8:05 A.M. Update:

The shoulder has reopened on I-66 East at the Beltway, but there are some backups approaching this spot. Similarly, the inner loop of the Beltway has the usual delays approaching I-66.

Debris in the road is blocking two eastbound lanes on Annapolis Road/MD 450 at 57th Avenue in Bladensburg. This is just west of the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.

Watch out for two accidents in the District: One in the 2300 block of Pennsylvania Avenue in Southeast, the other at 13th Street and Constitution Avenue in Northeast. Both could slow traffic at those spots.

And a reader named Roxy reported backups caused by a broken-down bus on the westbound East-West Highway at Grubbs Road in Silver Spring.

7:45 A.M. Update:

Getaway Watch: Cameras show that there is a decent amount of traffic on southbound I-95 around Newington and Lorton, but it’s moving at a normal clip, which is good news if you’re about to head out. The same is true on northbound I-95 at the Patuxent Freeway and as you pass Baltimore.

However, an accident on southbound I-95 in Woodbridge is blocking the left shoulder and left lane. This is going to slow traffic in that area, so if you’re heading out of town be prepared.

7:40 A.M. Update:

An accident at Bladensburg and Queens Chapel Roads in Northeast Washington, just north of the intersection of Bladensburg Road and New York Avenue, could seriously snarl traffic in that area. If you’re heading into the District on New York Avenue, expect additional congestion approaching this spot.

7:25 A.M. Update:

A fire has been reported at 1501 Rhode Island Avenue in Northwest Washington. The D.C. Fire Department is on the scene, which could cause traffic problems.

The right lane has reopened on I-66 East at the Beltway, so the accident is now only blocking the right shoulder.

7:05 A.M. Update:

The accident in the inner loop of the Beltway at Baltimore Avenue has been cleared and the lanes reopened.

An accident on I-66 East at the Beltway is blocking the right lane.

6:45 A.M. Update:

An accident in the inner loop of the Beltway at Baltimore Avenue is blocking one lane and one of the shoulders.

6:20 A.M. Update:

An accident at 1300 North Capitol Street in Northwest Washington is blocking North Capitol Street from O Street to New York Avenue.

Original Post:

Good morning, commuters! Memorial Day Weekend is here, which means lots of extra traffic as people hit the road for the holiday. Gas prices may be sky high, but that won’t keep folks from heading out of town. More people are hitting the road this year than did last year, and more drivers equal larger delays.

Generally, expect to hit some delays if you’re skipping work or leaving at lunch to head out of town. If you leave first thing in the morning, you could miss the biggest backups; if you head out this afternoon, you can count on some traffic.

There are going to be the usual choke points for southbound drivers (to the south of the Springfield Interchange as well as plenty of other spots to the south and east) and drivers heading through the northeast (the dreaded I-95 Delaware toll plaza isn’t the only game out of town). Know of other nightmare spots? Let us know.

We’ll be keeping tabs on any headaches, issues or problems we hear about on the roads this morning. Let us know anything you see out there — tell us in the comments below or via Twitter (@DrGridlock).