The transit agency has just issued a statement about the delays this morning on the Red and Green lines:

“Metro apologizes for the delay and inconvenience many of you experienced this morning on the Green and Red lines.

“Shortly after 5 a.m., a piece of equipment used to move steel rails had a single wheel come off track at Fort Totten Station. The incident did not result in any injuries or significant damage, however, until the equipment could be moved from Fort Totten Station, trains were forced to share a single track on the Green Line between Fort Totten and U Street stations. This caused delays for many Green Line customers ranging from 10 to 15 minutes.

“A separate incident on the Red Line near Rhode Island Avenue also caused delays this morning. Overnight crews were working on a switch outside the station. Unfortunately, the crews were unable to set steel and clear the tracks prior to the start of peak-period service. As a result, trains began the morning single tracking on the Red Line between Rhode Island Avenue and New York Avenue stations. Normal two-track service resumed shortly after 8 a.m.”