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Metro’s board of directors is expected to consider changing some station names in the rail system Thursday. The members are also reviewing how the transit authority responds to crises and are expected to cast a final vote on changes in service designed to help passenger flow on the Orange Line and to accommodate the introduction of service on the Silver Line through Tysons Corner when it opens in 2013.

Changing the station names is part of the service alterations. The new policy is to keep them short and simple.

Metro is changing station names as it is redoing its 30-plus year old map for the first time. The map is being redesigned by Lance Wyman of New York, the original designer. The new maps will show the new station names, plus service changes to the Blue/Yellow lines and the new Silver Line, which will provide service through Tysons Corner and eventually to Dulles International Airport and Loudoun County. The maps are expected to be done in June 2012.

One of the proposed station name changes — adding Kennedy Center to the Foggy Bottom stop — has been withdrawn by the District.

Some station names will have a primary, shorter name on the the first line and a longer one on the second line.

The other name change proposals are listed below. The slash mark represents the second line of the station name.

• New York Ave-NoMa/Gallaudet U.

• Forest Glen. There is a proposal to have the universal hospital symbol displayed on the new map beside the name to signify Holy Cross Hospital.

• Smithsonian/The National Mall.

• Waterfront.

• Navy Yard/Ballpark.

• King St/Old Town.

This summer Metro’s board adopted a more clear policy on its station names to make them distinctive.

Over the years, some names had become long and cumbersome. Under Metro’s new station naming policy, each station’s name should be “no longer than 19 characters — including spaces and punctuation.” Transfer station names should be no longer than 13 characters.

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