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Metro added extra trains and stayed open an hour later Wednesday night at a cost of $29,500, to handle riders leaving the Capital’s hockey game that went into triple overtime.

Metro spokesman Dan Stessel wrote in an e-mail that the cost for the transit system to do a late closing or early opening is $29,500 an hour.

Stessel said a portion of the $29,500 an hour cost will be billed to the Caps and repaid to Metro. The rest is revenue Metro made from riders who used the service during that hour.

Stessel said the Caps had an agreement with Metro that involved the transit agency staying open later if needed during the playoff season. Wednesday was the first time the agency had done so.
The Nationals do not have such and agreement, he said. The Nats have a game Sunday night and if it runs late, Stessel said, there are no plans for Metro to stay open beyond midnight.

Additional trains were provided on the Red Line to help move crowds through stations faster. Typically Metro stays open until midnight during the week.

Metro tweeted updates to customers, while riders tweeted of their experiences.

FantasyGodBSR tweeted at 11:42 p.m., “there was just an announcement for employees to add 1 hour to their timecards...yea that’s what is important right now.”

At 11:48 p.m., Metro warned passengers via Twitter that “closing time of Metro will remain 1 a.m. no matter the state of the game.”

Clydeorama tweeted at 12:56 p.m., “At least #wmata parking is free because it is so late.”

By 1:22 a.m., Metro tweeted that the last trains had departed Metro Center — “Metro is closed for the evening.”

On Thursday morning, Stessel said in re-capping the night that there were overall “no issues.”

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